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    Sometimes you just need to feel, regardless of whether that’s hurt, fear, insecurity, or anger. Perhaps you want somebody to deeply understand you in your thoughts and emotions? and if your world can be comprehended by another, could it feel less alone? Maybe there’s a part of you that knows what direction, or decision to take? if you were trusted could you believe in yourself?

    Welcome, I’m Lindsey and I hope I can help you.

Flourish Counselling & Psychotherapy

For; Adults, Young People, Couples, Families, Employee Assistant Programs

Flourish Counselling & Psychotherapy


I’m a Person-Centred Counsellor/Psychotherapist MBACP

I understand nothing can undo damage. But perhaps in the right environment, with a good to encounter, where you’re implicitly trusted, there may be a way to move forward. Perhaps I can help you with this?

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Where to begin

I understand that to venture into Counselling and Psychotherapy may feel very daunting. I therefore offer an initial session, so you can see, if it feels right for us to work together.

THE BENEFITS Email me lindsey@flourish-therapy.co.uk

Phone/text me/WhatsApp 07552 828 611

If you decide you would like to start, we will meet at the private therapy room situated at Hamble Memorial Hall, 4 High Street, Hamble, SO31 4JE

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