What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

There are times when life can be difficult or painful, leaving a feeling of being overwhelmed and alone. Perhaps there is a sense that things are ‘just are not right’ or it is a struggle to understand thoughts, feelings, and situations. Possibly emotions are out of reach, this can cause numbness or disconnection from yourself, your body, or others. Counselling is rarely a quick fix, but if you want to change it can be really helpful.

Counselling offers the chance to explore what is happening for you within a safe environment free from judgement. Psychotherapy is also non-judgemental and in a safe space; however, it can explore emotions, experiences, and identity a little more deeply. Being fully trained in the person-centred approach means that counselling and psychotherapy merge often indistinguishably. Yet, overall I have found that it is the therapeutic relationship, specifically the offering of certain nurture conditions that are curative to healing; as often it is a relationship, or many, that are the cause of disconnection and restriction, thus distress.

Accordingly - it takes a relationship to heal I have found that when a particular relationship exists one that offers a safe cultivating space; whereby ‘being heard’ without limiting conditions is paramount; there exists a specialan alchemy that failitates positive change - As obstacles may become visible, which in turn can free blocked potential. Sometimes during this process deeper feelings may emerge and be understood, this can be an explicit powerful encounter, other times it can be a subtle aid to self-understanding and realisation. Within and around this process you may find you connect or discover more of yourself; this may be a painful experience. However it is also possible that with this insight you may learn to trust yourself, your decision making and you may welcome your process towards potentiality, thus growth.


There can be times when difficulties emerge within your relationship. Each couple is unique and will have different reasons for attending counselling, but often it is clear communication that is missing, as sometimes it is hard not to get drawn into seeing your partner, or yourself in a particular way, in which case it can feel frustrating or lonely and you may also act-out accordingly. Yet, I recognise risking being or expressing more of yourself can feel daunting, and so working with a trained counsellor can help you both in this process. It is also worth noting that moving a stuck relationship does not always mean a better relationship, as sometimes it is a better ending that you may be looking for.

Walk and talk

I offer individual ‘walk and talk’ therapy. This means instead of being inside the therapy room face-to-face, the therapeutic hour is spent walking at your pace along the Solent shoreline or the Hamble river (daylight hours). These sessions would be contracted as walk and talk from the outset, and we would be at a regular time each week or fortnight.

The sessions

The Counselling and Psychotherapy I provide is for adults, young people and couples. I offer 'in room' sessions within my private accessible therapy room; alternatively, I also offer remote sessions via Zoom or telephone. All individual sessions last approximately 50-minutes, known as the therapeutic hour, whilst couples sessions (face to face only) are contracted as, either an hour or 90-minutes. Whatever you choose, it can be arranged at a time and day we organise together. Likewise, the overall duration of therapy can be short to long-term, as crucially it depends upon what suits you.

Whatever you choose, I endeavour to place you, the client at the heart of the session. Yet regardless of our platform of communication or your choice of session, my intention remains one and the same; that is, to create conditions that facilitate your movement, or preservation that may ease your distress.

  • 30-minutes - Initial session
  • 50-minutes - Individual session
  • 50-minutes - Walk and talk session
  • 60 or 90 minutes - Couples Session (face-to-face only)

Listed below are some of the areas, and concerns I have experience of working with. You may resonate with one, or perhaps many of these.

  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of depression
  • A state of constant stress
  • Experiencing a sense of emptiness
  • Lack of purpose, direction or meaning
  • Feeling uncertain and needing constant reassurance
  • Fear of emotional intimacy, closeness or trusting others
  • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Eating disorders
  • Sexuality
  • Trauma

The sessions

I understand that to venture into Counselling and Psychotherapy may feel very daunting, I therefore offer an initial 30-minute session, so you can feel whether it is right for us to work together.

Phone number: 07552 828 611

Email address: lindsey@flourish-therapy.co.uk

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