Counselling and Psychotherapy

What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

There are times when life can be difficult or painful, leaving a feeling of being overwhelmed and alone. Perhaps there may be a sense that things aren’t right, or it’s a struggle to understand thoughts, feelings and situations. Possibly emotions are out of reach, causing numbness or disconnection from yourself, your body and others. Counselling is rarely a quick fix, but if you want change it can really help.

Counselling offers the chance to explore what is happening for you within a safe environment free from judgement. Psychotherapy is also non-judgemental and in a safe space, however it may explore emotions and experiences held a little more deeply. Being fully trained in the person-centred approach means that Counselling and Psychotherapy merge, often indistinguishably. Personally, I’ve observed the safe, warm, therapeutic space, to enable an inner self to unfold, sometimes as an explicit powerful encounter, other times, aiding self-understanding and realisations around issues or relationships. Often counselling , simply enables unseen obstacles to become visible, freeing blocked potential.

It’s my intention as your counsellor to facilitate clearing the way towards the path that is yours and hopefully enable some trust in your own decision making as ultimately, this is your life, personal power and future.

Where to begin

I understand that to venture into Counselling and Psychotherapy may feel very daunting; I therefore offer an initial 30-minuite session, so you can see if it feels right for us to work together.

Email me

Phone/Text me/WhatsApp 07552 828 611

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